Creating love in business
Creating love in business

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Creating love in Business

What is the Creating love in business community?

The international movement focusing on creating love in business, the new bottom line. This movement, sourced by Peter Koenig, is carried by peterkoenigsystem (PKS) practitioners and ambassadors, who have integrated Peter’s tools and philosophy around Money and Source in their practice, with their clients and in their own fields.

In this movement we aspire to: 

  • Stay connected to our inner calling;

  • Choose love as the primary driver of money flows and partnerships;

  • Put heart before head when we do business;

  • Change our consumption patterns and liberate our creativity;

  • Connect to the natural flows where regeneration and beauty become possible;

  • Be part of the transforlution, simultaneously shifting to a new system for the future and at the same time feeling gratitude for all that is.

What to expect when joining this community? 

Opportunities to talk about and re-invent how we think and deal with money, in all of our initiatives, organisations, projects, relationships AND create new partnerships based on loving what we do, sharing this love with others and organising in coherence with the natural distribution of source energy, authority and responsibility.

What are the benefits of joining the platform?

  • Monthly invitation to community open space sessions hosted by PKS (peterkoenigsystem) practitioners;

  • Offer and join events that are contributing to creating love in business;

  • Create or join groups to explore specific areas of interest or to meet locally in a hub;

  • Gather the participants from your own programmes/initiatives in an inviting, inspiring and secure environment;

  • Connect 1:1 with PKS practitioners, ambassadors and Creating love in business members from around the world;

  • Be the first informed about the Creating love in business international congress series;

  • Create meaningful partnerships and move your money with love.

We look forward to welcoming you. Let yourself be wonderfully surprised by the people you meet here and the depth and authenticity that characterises many of the events and offers. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you can be part of this.

Any trouble joining? Please write to [email protected]